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VSP and W:ET on nq 1.2.9 PHP version 5.3.4 MySQL version 5.1.56-log

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Hi Everyone,

I found this site thru Krillin's post on the VSP website(You seem to know this stuff) and downloaded his version of the vsp core hoiping it would fix the issues i'm having setting it up.

Sorry if this is not the forum for this, let me know if that is the case!

The issiues I was having are:

- vsp_ tables created in mysql db but no data getting written to it
- FTP process resulting in log is empty, game ignored
- therefore the stats page was empty of stats

Since installing the modified core:

- No tables created
- ftp cant dl the etserver.log file (it will dl other files and etserver.log if i point path to entire directory)
- error message is:
Error: Failed to get ftp log from "/" to "./ftplogs/etserver.log/etserver.log".
 Try making the ftplogs/ and logdata/ folder writable by all (chmod 777).

All ftp folders/directories are 777.
In the original instal it would dl the file and create a savestate.php and process data but with the log empty message!!

The reason I installed the new core was I was hoping it would fix the suspected cause of my issues..I'm using php v 5 and mysql v 5.

I made all the changes suggested on VSP forum to get it compatable with newer mysql and php! And that got me as far as I got.

Any suggestiuons, advice of help is greatly appreciated!! I have spent the best part of 6 weeks trying to get this to work!! I have read every forum on the topic I could find and posted on these forums..no replies lol.

I really want this to work...sooo close yet so far!


Ok fixed the issues with ftp and table create!!

So now the only issue is it doesnt show any stats!! It parses but get log empty, ignoring

log is set to what the NQ1.2.9 developers say should be compatable with VSP.

So must be a php/mysql issue tables create and parses but no result!!


Thanks again for any help you can provide,

Never mind!! It works!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!

Must set g_logoptions "1024" in nq 1.2.9, so can only use player name not guid or ip but who cares hehehee..I dont!

Thanks Krillin for your new core files, I had made all those changes to the php files but alot easier with your ammended version!!

Jem. ;D

LMAO. Nice to see you solved your own problem. Being as you did not provide your environment we would not know where to start except to say at the beginning.

Glad you are using our VSP CORE 0.46. It works just the same as the old, providing you follow the instructions provided. And as I recall they have been updated as well.

Good Luck!


P.S. Never knew this was going to be needed, so we created a section for V. S. P. for CORE only problems. Most of which can be answered at the V. S. P. Web site the Documentation (F.A.Q) provided in the core package.

Thanks Krillin,

FYI the VSP website is offline as of 15/08/11 so all forum threads i used are no longer available, so this is probably the only resource now available...lol

says:NOTICE: This domain name expired on 08/15/2011 and is pending renewal or deletion

Shame as was very useful!!

I got it done just in the nick of time!!! Working well, colors slightly wrong tho and the accuracy stats also not right..but ev thing else works.


Oh and gives the wrong date, i.e 1971-12-29 03:13:44  Do you know how to set the date?

Thanks again!!


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