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Krillin's World is a Dedicated Gaming Server Community since 1997. Featuring First Person Shooter Game Servers for:
Quake 3 Arena TDM, DM & CTF | Counter-Strike V1.6 | Condition Zero | Counter-Strike: Source
CS: Global Offensive | Unreal Tournament 2003 and Quake 4 DM, TDM & CTF
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Version 7.x - 64BIT
Since 12/7/2010

Ubuntu 9/08 | Mandrake 3/3005
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Counter-Strike v1.6
[ Since 2001 ]

Featuring Regular, Superhero Mod,
GunGame W/CSDM
CS Condition Zero
[ Since 2004 ]

Featuring Regular, Superhero Mod,
GunGame W/CSDM
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Counter-Strike: Source
[ Since 2005 ]

Featuring Regular, SuperHero MOD,
GunGame w/CSSDM & CSS Beta
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Counter-Strike: Global Offencive
[ Since 20012 ]

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Quake III Arena
[ Since 1998 ]

Featuring DM, TDM & CTF
Quake 4 MP
[ Since 2005 ]

Featuring DM, TDM & CTF
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